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#168 EssexThe TeaPar

#168 EssexThe TeaParty is not over. At this point, there will be a few recriminations over the election, but overall nothing has changed. Mitt will get burnt which is to be expected, but the party springs harder right. We tried the moderate now let the d

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– actually the ideal plan is for a beginner to study ear training along with their other musical practice. It’s a skill that doesn’t usually get included in a keyboard player’s life until they hit college or advanced studies. Train

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‘weakened or non existant Dept. of Education” Let’s be serious. How many working families have the time,energy or abilities to teach our children at home. This growing animosity towards our teachers is a disturbing trend.Exit question I

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“good morning” then grabbed her handbag and ran offHe is described as being aged around 25 years old thin 5ft 6in tall with short dark brown hair and a local accentAt the time he was wearing a dark – possibly grey – sho

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…magari ci voleva anche un messaggio sul palloncino altrimenti non si arriva alla soluzione…comunque lo trovo originale e diverso dal solito sampling erotico con le due hostess straf…e vestite da dottoresse o infermiere…mhhh…

« At 8 PM

« At 8 PM, the Quebec group Karkwa will belt out its best rock tunes before Aracde Fire itself gets on stage closer to 8 PM »??? So Karkwa and some group called Aracde will be playing simultaneously? Full trippant!

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« vous vous dévoileztout le monde sait maintenant que vous êtes de sexe féminin »Dotsie,Ce n’était pas moi à 19:10.


· Shanna – thank you so much for this incredible, thoughtful review! I am so glad you liked the book. Your writing and photos are beautiful. And you are so right about the value in shari

"Como? Estimand

"Como? Estimando o PIB que atingiremos no final da consolidação e alocando uma percentagem realista deste às áreas sociais.".o PIB será desemprego e fome...é a unica estimativa para o PIB a manter-se a actual linha económica...

"England has go

"England has gone from one of the free-est places in the world to one of the least free since WWII."When would you say it was the freest? I was listening to Christopher Frayling's audio commentary for Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars Mo

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